Jose the Joke Telling Toucan ...

Jose just flew in from the Amazon- and boy, are his wings tired! Now you can hear the best jokes told by the famous comedian Jose Toucan. Jose loves to make everyone laugh and loves when you share his jokes. Use Facebook, Twitter and email to spread the fun. Kids who are too young for jokes will love seeing Jose dance.

Video Jose the Joke telling toucan
Jose the joke telling toucan

Jose the joke telling toucan

What users say about the app - Jose the joke Telling Toucan

" It is so funny, that I was rolling on the floor, my ribs now aching and I was not able breathe!!"" ~ Gorgy

" My friends and I had so much fun that we just could't stop laughing and hearing jokes" " - Claudia

"This app is amazing , Jose is the funniest comedian I have ever seen plus , he is adorable"" - Martin

Jose the joke telling toucan

So easy and fun to laugh with Jose

- Press the button to hear a joke
- Save your favorite jokes for later
- Make Jose dance to a popular song
- Share the joke
- Submit your jokes and become Jose's favorite comedy writer

Jose the joke telling toucan

Jose the Joke Telling Toucan is a Star

Jose the Joke Telling Toucan is app giant 1tucan new star. This app is complete with hundreds of great jokes and has many interactive features. Initially launched last December, this app is getting rave reviews from users.

Our app developers knew Jose's jokes are the best and crafted the app around that. We were sure to make the app easy to use even when your eyes are filled with tears of laughter. The easy to use interface works well with kids, who if too young to get the jokes can enjoy the toucan dancing and the fun music. Saving and emailing jokes is enabled. Social media features include sharing via Facebook and Twitter. The app is appropriate for ages 4+. While many children don't get jokes they can still enjoy watching Jose dance. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.