Our team

Creative Director

Camila Echavarria

Camila is a mother of two. She started to work in the internet industry back in 2008 and hasn't looked back. Her innovative ideas and her mind-set to ‘think outside the box’ have helped boost traffic to all of her projects. Camila is working full time on studying effective strategies on the creative and educational potential of the internet. 

Camila is a product design engineer graduate from Eafit University, she also holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University. Having worked in the UK and Colombia as a product developer manager, she has been able to put her years of study into practical application. Camila is also a part-time professor at Eafit University, teaching the courses of drawing, sketching and product design. She has lived in England, Germany and the Netherlands but is actually now based in Colombia. For more information on Camila, please see her linked profile.

Marketing Manager

Elisa Echavarria
She is an active and forward-thinking marketing and PR professional. She has worked in the industry for a number of years and is currently a marketing services manager at 1tucan. Elisa has really enjoyed working within the mobile app development industry. Her specialises include executing innovative marketing and PR campaigns for new product launches and existing apps alike. Her largest accomplishment to date has been leading a successful marketing campaign for Mario Duck Hunt (an iPhone, iPad and android app). Elisa’s campaign helped to push the number of downloads for the app to over 200,000 since its launch on the app store in late 2010. The app peaked at #33 in ‘Apple’s iPad specific Game category’. This was something that resulted from Elisa’s work. 

Mobile app developer

Specializing in ios and Android development
I have developed a wide range of iPhone applications.Very passionate about app development and fully committed to the deadlines .

Illustrator and animator

Professional illustrator with a wide range of styles forged over years of experience working in the art, design and illustration industry.
  • desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles - llamanos ya
  • desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles - Cotice aqui
  • desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles - Pidanos cita